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2023 Award and Scholarship Winners

We were proud to bestow several national awards and scholarships that represent outstanding individuals, programs, and groups throughout the country in 2023. From leaders working on diversity efforts to some of the most recognized names in our professional community, this year’s recipients illustrate the dedication and selflessness of the professionals in our field. The following people were honored with awards in 2023.

AEHAP Student Research Competition Winners


  • 1st Place Winner: Lily Metsker, University of Georgia, Athens


  • 1st Place Winner: Sarah Morgan, East Kentucky University

Davis Calvin Wagner Sanitarian Award

  • COL Wendell A. Moore, MS, EdD, DAAS, RS, REHS, U.S. Army (retired)

Dr. Bailus Walker, Jr. Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Award

  • Oreta M. Samples, MPH, DHSc

Joe Beck Educational Contribution Award

  • Daniel B. Oerther, PhD, CEHS, DLAAS, FCIEH

NEHA/AAS Scholarships


  • Mitchell Kutz, University of Findlay
  • Pilar Santos, Montana State University


  • Karin Kasper, REHS, Kent State University

NEHA Affiliate Certificates of Merit


  • Chirag Bhatt (TX)
  • Ivy Bremer (IA)
  • Debbie Dreves (MO)
  • Tammy Faulkner (VA)
  • Karl Hartman (UT)
  • Jennifer Heller (IN)
  • Carlene Hennie (Jamaica)
  • Scott Holmes (NE)
  • Joe Jurusik (MN)
  • Tom Kunesh (WA)
  • Crystal Lamb (National Capital Area)
  • Linda Launer (CA)
  • Adrea Lovejoy (OR)
  • Lynette Medeiros (NJ)
  • Mykel Murry (WY)
  • Melise Pederson (NM)
  • Josh Skeggs (CO)
  • Laura Temke (WI)
  • Melissa Vaccaro (Business and Industry)
  • Kathleen Waldron (MA)
  • Anna Yates (IL)


  • 2022 Florida Environmental Health Association Annual Education Meeting Planning Committee (FL)
  • Arizona Environmental Health Association Board and Hybrid Conference Planning Committee (AZ)
  • Connecticut Workforce Development Task Force Team (CT)
  • Public Affairs Committee (OH)

NEHA Past Presidents Award

  • Eric Bradley
  • Kristen Ruby-Cisneros
  • COL Wendell A. Moore

NEHA Presidential Citations

For exceptional service to the NEHA Government Affairs Program:

  • Doug Farquhar

For exceptional service to the NEHA History Project Task Force:

  • Dr. Hank Koren
  • Dr. Leon F. Vinci

For exceptional service to the NEHA-FDA Retail Flexible Funding Model Grant Program:

  • Rance Baker

For keeping me on the straight and narrow:

  • Katherine Sheppard

For marketing excellence:

  • Chana Goussetis

For superior organization and execution in support of the Journal of Environmental Health updating and open access research:

  • Kristen Ruby-Cisneros

For superior organization and execution in support of the NEHA office relocation:

  • Gina Bare
  • Christopher Walker

In recognition of outstanding leadership of the NEHA/AAS Scholarships:

  • James Balsamo, Jr.

In recognition of outstanding service and leadership on the NEHA Board of Directors during the last year:

  • CDR Anna Khan
  • Tom Butts

In recognition of outstanding service and support during my entire tenure on the NEHA Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Norbert Campbell
  • Alicia Collins
  • Brian Collins
  • Bob Custard
  • Ashlee Davis
  • Dr. Amer El-Ahraf
  • Dr. David Gilkey
  • Vonia Grabeel
  • Jamie Hisel
  • Mel Knight
  • Roy Kroeger
  • Sandra Long
  • Dr. Jason Marion
  • Dr. Wendell Moore
  • Dr. Priscilla Oliver
  • Mahesh Patel
  • Vince Radke
  • Dr. Welford Roberts
  • Dr. Henroy Scarlett
  • CDR James Speckhart
  • Dr. Sylvanus Thompson
  • RADM Webb Young

Uniformed Services Awards

2022 Responder of the Year Award

  • CDR Leslie Jackanicz

2023 John C. Eason Award

  • LCDR Sarah Hughes

2023 Edward “Ted” Moran Award

  • CDR Beth Wittry

2023 Thomas E. Crow Mentor Award

  • CDR Joseph P. Laco

2023 John G. Todd Award

  • CAPT Aimee Treffiletti

Walter F. Snyder Environmental Health Award

  • Edward V. Ohanian, PhD

Walter S. Mangold Award

  • Brian Collins, MS, REHS, DLAAS