Joe Beck Educational Contribution Award

This award is available on an annual basis to recognize a member or team of members of our association in good standing for their educational contribution. The educational or training tool must be designed for the advancement and professional development of environmental health professionals.

The nomination deadline for the 2023 Award is May 15. Preview the nomination questions

Submit a Nomination

Selection Criteria

  • The individual(s) or organization must be a NEHA Professional member. If a team submission, all team members must be NEHA members.
  • The individual or organization being recognized must be practicing within the field of environmental health and be the primary contributor or sole developer of the innovation.
  • Each application, submitted online, will be reviewed by an award panel consisting of a minimum of three (3) Board members and one member At-Large member, appointed by the Board President.
  • The online application requires the applicant to write a description of the innovation, in summary format (1500 words maximum). The summary should address the following criteria:
    • Describe the educational tool or practice, the environmental health discipline, and note the targeted audience. (150 words maximum)
    • Summarize how the educational tool or practice provides for the advancement of the environmental health professional or educates of the public regarding environmental health protection. (350 words maximum)
    • Describe how the tool or practice was a measurable success. Include metrics that were established and the outcomes. (500 words maximum)
    • Describe the format, teaching methods, media, and/or technology used for the educational effort and activities. (500 words maximum)
  • Applicants must submit a Curriculum Vitae that includes a summary of education, employment history, professional activities, and publications.