Letters & Sign-Ons



  • November 2023: Health Groups on Government Funding | PDF
  • November 2023: Health Groups on EPA Funding | PDF
  • November 2023: Health Groups Comments on EPA Major Source Re-classification | PDF
  • November 2023: Congressional Letter to Support Hearing on Opioid Overdoses at Work | PDF
  • September 2023: To Congress regarding the reauthorization of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act | PDF
  • July 2023: Health Groups Letter on FY24 Appropriations | PDF
  • June 2023: Response to request from FDA for Good Manufacturing Practices on tattooing inks and pigments | PDF
  • May 2023: Urging Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds to veto Bill 315, that allows the sale of raw milk | PDF
  • April 2023: Response to information request from Congresswoman Miller-Meeks | PDF
  • February 2023: Environmental health should be included in the Public Health Workforce Loan Repayment Program with $100 million allocated from the President's 2024 budget request | PDF
  • January 2023: In support of the recommendations of the Reagan-Udall Foundation to improve our nation’s food safety system, identifying three recommendations | PDF


  • November 2022: Support for increased funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Environmental Health to $311.85 million | PDF
  • November 2022: Support for at least $400 million for the Housing and Urban Development's Office of Lead Hazard Control & Health Housing | PDF
  • February 2022: Incorporating Environmental Health within the PREVENT Pandemics Act | PDF


  • June 2021: Inclusion of environmental health in the American Rescue Plan Letter to the White House | PDF
  • May 2021: Support Environmental Health Workforce Act HR 2611 | Letter


  • June 2020: President Dr. Priscilla Oliver Letter on BLM Movement | PDF
  • June 2020: NEHA and IFEH letter to UN's Office of Disaster Risk Reduction regarding their Science and Technology for DRR in the Context of COVID-19, R-Stag Document | PDF
  • June 2020: Position Statement on FEMA's Proposal to Identify Non-traditional PPE Consumers | PDF


  • January 2021: Presidential Declaration on COVID-19 Vaccination | PDF
  • September 2020: Presidential Declaration on Food Safety and National Food Safety Education Month | PDF
  • September 2020: 2020 World Environmental Health Day Declaration | PDF


"Sign-on" is a term used to characterize certain policy positions. Often one or more organizations, like ours, will seek to develop a policy position or position on a particular piece of legislation. To increase the impact and effectiveness of that position, once developed, it is circulated among other organizations and groups having a similar interest in that given policy area.

A consensus position is developed among these various groups, allowing them to sign-on to a policy or legislative position. That letter or policy statement is then sent to Congress and it becomes a more effective way to communicate a position because of the combined effect of all groups that join in that stand. We use this mechanism as means of gaining greater attention for a policy or legislative position. We have joined in communicating the following positions.:

April 2024

  • Amicus Brief in support of the Held Plaintiffs in Held v. Montana | PDF

September 2023

  • Healthy Homes Act of 2023 | PDF

May 2023

  • FDA Collaboration with FDA | PDF

April 2023

  • Friends of NIOSH FY24 Letter | PDF
  • OSHA-NIOSH Senate Funding Letter | PDF
  • FY24 DNPAO CDC Request CDC Coalition | PDF
  • OSHA-NIOSH House Funding Letter FY24 | PDF

March 2023

  • FY24 USDA Rural Decentralized Water Systems Joint Letter | PDF
  • Data Modernization Initiative | PDF
  • FY24 Public Health and Bio Pilot LRP Appropriations Letter | PDF
  • FY24 ATSDR Request for CDC Coalition | PDF
  • FY24 CDC Request for CDC Coalition | PDF
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Environmental Health Funding | PDF
  • Health Partners Letter Opposing REINS Act | PDF
  • Health Org Air Coalition to Congress | PDF