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Food Safety Instructors & Exam Proctors

Search or join our network of hundreds of Registered Food Safety instructors around the world who provide training in health departments, schools, colleges, universities, military installations, restaurants, hotels, as independent consultants, and in other sectors related to food safety.

Instructor & Proctor Directory

Instructor Benefits

Being a NEHA instructor helps to ensure food safety in our communities as well as helps to build the next generation of food safety professionals. Our Food Safety Instructors/Trainers have access to everything needed to teach the Professional Food Handler or Professional Food Manager courses in English and Spanish, including:

  • Full course bundle in English and Spanish
    • Textbook
    • PowerPoint deck
    • Syllabus
  • Certificate of Trainer Registration
  • Trainer guidance
  • Listing in our Food Safety Instructor Directory
  • Access to online adult education and resources
  • An opportunity to earn continuing education hours for NEHA credentials
  • Discounts up to 15% on our food safety materials

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Instructor Application

Registration to be a NEHA Food Safety Instructor requires a one-time administrative fee of $50.00 upon the approval of your application. To register, submit an application to demonstrate skills in three core areas in the food industry:

  1. food safety knowledge
  2. training or teaching skills, and
  3. experience.

All NEHA-registered instructors must also pass ANSI-CFP food manager exams and keep certificates up to date.


Exam Proctors

Food safety instructors who are registered with us can also proctor exams accredited by the Conference for Food Protection-American National Standards Institute (CFP-ANSI), including:

  • Certified Food Safety Manager Exam, National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP): To become a proctor with NRFSP, complete their Test and Administrator/Proctor Training Course and the Proctor Application. To receive NEHA Trainer benefits and discounts, type "NEHA" along with your company name in the "Company Name" field of the application. This tells NRFSP that you are a trainer with NEHA. If you need help with the Proctor Application, email customerservice@nrfsp.com or call 800-446-0257. After completing 1) the NEHA Trainer application and 2) Proctor process with NRFSP, they will provide you with a Proctor number. Use this number when ordering materials and exams, and when teaching.
  • ServSafe Certification Exam, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

Exam proctors receive discounts for exam costs, invoicing used exams, and receiving exams for 90 days.

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