Legislative Actions

Government Affairs tracks key pieces of federal and state legislation that promote or reflect our policy statements. Listed below are the critical bills introduced in Congress or the states that we are tracking.

Take Action

We encourage our members to advocate and lobby for environmental health. Anyone—including people employed by state, local, tribal, or territorial governments—can advocate on public policy. Learn more about the types of action you can take, and what is or is not allowed in our Government Affairs and Advocacy Guide.

Federal Legislation

We advocate for several pieces of legislation each Congress. For the 118th session, we support and urge our members to contact their Congressional members to advocate for the following bills:

  • Public Health Infrastructure Saves Live Act (PHISLA): Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) bill seeks to establish $4.5 billion in dedicated, annual funding for a grant program to build up and maintain the nation’s public health system across the board. 
  • Fix Moldy Housing Act (H.R. 1104): Representative Haley Stevens (D-MI) and Jenniffer González-Colón (R-PR) bill authorizes a study and creates voluntary standards on how to best assess and remediate mold, provides funds to establish licensure programs to train proper mold assessment and remediation, and allocates funds for states and tribal governments to safely assess and remove mold from homes and public buildings.

State Legislation


  • State Climate Change Legislation | Summary
  • State Food Safety Legislation | Summary
  • State Food Freedom/MicroEnterprise Kitchens Legislation Webinar | Slides


  • State Climate Change Enacted Legislation | PDF
  • State Drinking Water Enacted Legislation | PDF
  • State Enacted Legislation: Food Safety Legislation | PDF


  • State Enacted Legislation: Cottage Foods, Food Freedom (Updated 03/03/2021) | PDF