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Federal Funding: Congressional Update

February 26, 2024

As we move into the sixth month of the federal fiscal year (FY 2024) with no final agreement and the continuing resolution (CR) expiring, Congress needs to act—either to enact the appropriations bill or another CR.

No one in Congress is advocating for another CR. Without action, however, government funding for bills related to Agriculture, Military Construction-Veterans Affairs, Energy-Water, and Transportation-Housing and Urban Development runs out on March 1. Funding for the rest of the government, including the military, the biggest domestic programs, and most public health programs will run out on March 8. Congress will have to act quickly in order to stave off a shutdown.

Congressional appropriators are making progress; there is disagreement on a few riders, but the overall budgets appear to have support. House and Senate leaders are working to resolve these differences.

If leadership is unable to come to a resolution, another short-term CR will be adopted or we will face a shutdown, at least for a while.

Regardless of the lack of an agreement on FY 2024, many congressional offices are meeting with constituents to discuss FY 2025. House and Senate offices are beginning to accept FY 2025 funding requests even before the budget request from President Biden is submitted. The President’s request is expected to be sent to Congress on March 11, following his State of the Union Address on March 7.

We will be in Congress on March 28 for our annual Hill Day. Hill Day enables our members to meet with Congress and express the importance of environmental health in their states and how environmental health impacts their constituents. It also gives us the opportunity to stress the importance of environmental health and human foods programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration.

For more information, contact Government Affairs Director Doug Farquhar.