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GHS Training for US Workers

Course Overview

OSHA has revised its Hazard Communication Standard to include new GHS labeling elements and a GHS standardized format for Safety Data Sheets (formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets). This course introduces workers to the GHS and provides them with the information necessary to readily locate information about workplace chemicals, as found on GHS product labels and on the new SDSs.

Who Should Take the Course

This course is designed for U.S. workers who have the literacy skills required to read and understand print material.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what the GHS is and why it is being adopted by the United States
  • Identify and describe each of the 6 required elements of a GHS product label
  • Know what type of information is found in each of the 16 sections of an SDS

Evaluation Process

At the end of the course, there is a test. To confirm their understanding of course content, participants must successfully complete the test. Participants that do not achieve 100% can review the content and retake the test as many times as necessary. Test questions are randomly selected from a test bank, making each test unique.

Upon successfully completing all modules, there is a printable certificate for your records.

Course Duration

This online course is self-paced. Participants may leave the course at any time and can resume where they left off. The duration will depend on individual learning styles and prior knowledge of the subject matter. Most participants will complete the course in less than 30 minutes.


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