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Body Art Model Code & Annex

We first introduced the Body Art Model Code (BAMC) in 1998. In the time since the original code was released, body art has become much more accepted, diverse, and popular. After updating the BAMC in 2019, our Body Art Committee (BAC) committed to frequent updates to ensure this vital resource remains relevant and scientifically defensible to best protect public health. Following through on that commitment, the BAC members released the updated Body Art Model Code in March 2024.

Created with input from environmental health and industry professionals, the BAMC is available for jurisdictions to use as a resource to update their own body art codes.

Body Art Model Code

The Annex to the Body Art Model Code is being updated to align with the 2024 Code. Until June 2024, utilize the current Annex for scientific justification to the Body Art Model Code.

BAMC Annex

Body Art Model Code Adoption Toolkit

We have developed a toolkit that outlines a path to BAMC adoption for jurisdictions interested in utilizing the BAMC to develop, update, or enhance their regulations. This toolkit helps with the adoption process by providing resources, educational materials, and tips on code adoption.

Adoption Toolkit