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RFSA Credential Eligibility & Application


To be eligible to apply for the RFSA Credential, you must:
  • Hold a current Certified in Food Safety Supplier Audits (CFSSA) credential.
  • Have audit or inspection experience of a minimum of five audits in one food sector/category (equaling a minimum total of 80 hours) with the audits meeting or equivalent to an audit program within that same sector. Acceptable sectors are Human, Animal, and Produce. Only experience within the past 18 months of the RFSA application being submitted will be accepted.
  • Have a sponsoring Certification Body (CB) submit an acceptable Witness Audit Checklist in one food sector/category. The Witness Audit Checklist must align with the audit or inspection experience as outlined in requirement 2 above.


All fees should accompany the RFSA Application | PDF
Member RateNon-Member Rate
Application Fee$160.00$185.00
Exam Fee$195.00$310.00
Pearson VUE Fee$110.00$110.00


Applications must be completed and returned to us for review at least four weeks prior to the exam date. Applications received less than four weeks prior to the planned exam date may require rescheduling the exam for another date.

A complete application must include:

  • Application
  • A completed RFSA Application | PDF
  • All official college transcripts. Transcripts must be provided to us in one of the following ways to be considered an official transcript:
    • In the sealed envelope from the college Registrar's Office or Transcript Office
    • Emailed from the school or transcript service to our support@neha.org
  • Copy of HACCP certificate
  • Evidence of the Professional Food Safety Auditor Training Course (or equivalent)
  • Appropriate fees
  • Third-party review if education is international


Applications are valid for two years from the date we receive them. If the test has not been taken within two years of applying, new application and fees must be submitted. Pearson VUE testing authorizations are valid for one year.

RFSA Credential Maintenance

To maintain the CFSSA credential, individuals must:
  • Earn and submit a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education every two years
  • Pay renewal fee every two years ($195.00 members; $310.00 non-members)
  • Agree to and sign our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Policy

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