We partner with local and national environmental health organizations to identify needs and develop tools to assist you in preparing for and responding to natural and human-made emergencies, including the awareness, planning, response, and recovery periods of the response.

Concurrent Disasters Needs Assessment Report

This report is a summary of the identified gaps and challenges faced by local environmental and public health agencies when responding to concurrent disasters and suggests resources to address these challenges. | 2022 Report

Preparedness Committee

Our Preparedness Committee brings together public and private sector environmental health and emergency management experts to develop position and policy statements, guidance and resources, and identify training gaps, best practices, and funding. | Preparedness Committee

Disaster Resources

  • Post-Hurricane Health & Safety Work Partnership | Webpage
  • Radiological and Chemical Preparedness Resources | Webpage
  • Food Safety and Emergency Preparedness | Webpage
  • Flooding Preparedness and Response for Private Water Systems | Webpage
  • Wildfires and Emergency Preparedness | Webpage
  • Preparedness & Response for Septic Systems | Webpage

Additional Resources

  • Preparedness Webinars | Webpage
  • Webinar on the Comprehensive Disaster Assessment and Readiness Toolkit | YouTube
  • 2014 Dallas, Texas, Ebola Incident: Global Implications to All-Hazards Preparedness and Health Care Worker Protection | Abstract
  • Preparedness Go-Bag | Blog
  • Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies | PDF
  • Environmental Health Assessment Form for Disaster Shelters | CDC Form
  • Mobile Products include FEMA App | FEMA App