Past Policies

We have adopted many policies, some of which are no longer current. This page lists policies no longer considered a current. Even though they are out-of-date, these policies convey the intents of the membership and environmental health community.

Climate Change

  • October 2020: Climate Change | PDF

Food Safety

  • October 2020: Food Safety as Related to the Consumption of Cannabis-Infused Food Products | PDF
  • October 2020: Enrollment and Conformance With the Food and Drug Administration Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards | PDF
  • October 2020: Raw Milk | PDF
  • July 2019: Policy Statement on the Adoption and Implementation of the Current Food and Drug Administration's Food Code | PDF
  • November 2018: Food Safety for Cottage Foods and Home-Based Restaurants I PDF
  • July 2017: Sale or Distribution of Raw Milk | PDF
  • July 2017: Uniform and Integrated Food Safety System Adoption | PDF
  • April 2012: Resolution: Consensus on Cottage Food Movement | PDF


  • July 2010: Off Shore Oil Drilling Position Paper | PDF

Research & Data


  • July 2020: Role of Environmental Health in Addressing Racism as an Environmental Health Issue | PDF

Water Quality 

  • October 2020: Recreational Waters: Model Aquatic Health Code | PDF 
  • March 2016: Policy Priorities on Water | PDF
  • April 2012: Resolution to Recognize and Reaffirm the Public Health Value of Optimal Community Water Fluoridation | PDF
  • July 2010: Letter to ICC re: Model Codes for Regulating Construction and Operation of Swimming Pools and Spas | PDF


  • September 2014: Recognition of World Environmental Health Day | PDF
  • August 2014: Position to Support the Registered Environmental Health/Registered Sanitarian Credential for Environmental Health Professionals | PDF
  • July 2013: Adoption of New Definitions of the Terms "Environmental Health" and "Environmental Health Professional" | PDF